Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing is Mike’s Lawn and Landscaping’s specialty. We have been doing it since the start. Each service includes mowing the entire property, weed whacking around all trees, fencing, obstacles, etc., edging all sidewalks and driveways, and cleaning up all clippings. We pay attention to detail. We constantly change the direction we mow the lawn, sharpen our blades weekly; we blow the grass away from the garage door so it doesn't slip under. These are just a few examples of how we are constantly paying attention to the little things to guarantee your property looks its best, and that you are completely satisfied.


A special Fertilization/Weed Control program will be designed specifically for your lawns needs. After finding out exactly what your soil is lacking, we will formulate the perfect plan to guarantee a healthy, beautiful lawn. 

Spring/Fall Cleanup

We offer miscellaneous clean up services to make sure your yard is always looking clean.

Mulch Installation

Flower beds aren’t looking to good? Fresh mulch will have them looking beautiful. Mulch will keep the beds healthy by retaining moisture and keeping the soil cool.

Weeding Flower Beds

Your flowers may be looking beautiful, but all everyone can notice is the weeds! Have us clean out the weeds from your beds so the flowers can get some recognition.  


Weed Prevention

You know they're coming, so lets prevent the weeds from showing up in the first place. Weed prevention is the most efficient and affordable way to battle weeds.

Shrub Pruning

Hard to see that nice house you have with overgrown bushes covering half of it. We’ll come and even them out so they look great, and are able to receive enough moisture and sunlight.

Aeration and Overseeding

The best way to have your lawn looking great in the spring, is to core aerate and overseed in the fall. Core aeration will help bring air, water, and nutrients directly to the roots. 

Leaf Cleanup

Don't be that neighbor who’s leaves are blowing onto everyone else’s yards. We will remove the leaves, so you can have your yard back.

Snow Removal

What about the winter? We’ll take care of that too. We offer snow removal services for both homeowners, and businesses.

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